Chip’s services / packages

*Contact Chip for pricing on all packages

1 - Monthly workout

-Take the guess work out of your exercise and let  a  pro design your routine
-Receive a new workout each month
-Choose from: male female, full body, Core, a specific body part
-If local add a monthly training session with Chip to perfect form 

2 - Tri-monthly workouts

-Same info as monthly…
-Receive a different workout every three months
-If local, same

3 - Athletic Speed / Agility and Strength Training

-Any sport / off season or in season
-In a very competitive age, get the edge on your competition by training with a pro
-Sports specific workouts to make you better stronger faster
-Ages 16 years and older
-1 / weekly  2/ weekly  3/weekly

4- Baby Boomer Fitness

-Being over 50 doesn’t have to mean being out of shape 
-Achieve your best health yet with supervised and tried and true exercises for overall fitness
-1 / weekly 2 /weekly 3/weekly

5 - One time Program Design

-A Fitness Evaluation
-(1)  private training session
-Personalized Fitness routine designed specifically for your needs

6 – Fitness / Wellness Evaluation

-Completing your FWE will determine your current fitness level, assess past and present injuries and identify your fitness goals.  You will be evaluated on:
-Body composition (body fat, muscle mass) flexibility testing Link Evaluation Waist girth / BMI 
-Strength testing Endurance / Max VO2 evaluation BMR assessment

Fitness / Wellness Evaluation Plus:  add on  to the above a nutritional assessment, supplement guideline

Fitness/ Wellness Evaluation Elite:  add on to the “Plus” a Private session teaching you a “Prehab”/ Mobility Warm up to use daily for injury prevention