I was given a gift, to train with Chip for 6 months.  (Apparently, the person who gave me the gift thought I needed it!) I was 54 years old, 240 pounds, had done little to no exercise for the past 20 years and my eating habits were less than stellar.  I remember the first day walking through the weight room and meeting Chip in his office.  I was extremely nervous!  Chip immediately curtailed my anxiety with his broad smile, sense of humor, energy and knowledge of strength, conditioning and nutrition.  He took all my measurements, (body weight, height and body fat % etc.) I can’t remember what they were, and we headed to the gym.  I remember not being able to do a sit up unassisted!

During the 6 months, I noticed a considerable change in my body and cardio fitness.  I looked forward to my workouts and Chip always made it new, exciting and challenging.  (To this day, I can honestly say, I have done something new every time I have worked out) When my 6 months was up, I made the commitment to continue.  I have now been with Chip for 3 ½ years. I have also added early morning boot camp workouts three days a week to my routine.

In this time, I have lost 55 pounds, and 4.5 inches off my waist.  I have run two Spartan races (with a third scheduled); a 3-mile Sprint and a 13-mile Beast.  This past weekend I did my first GORUCK Tough event, 13 hours of hiking with a 40 lb. ruck, carrying extremely heavy things and a fair amount of PT.  This December my son and I have a trip planned to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

I can honestly say without a question of doubt none of this would have happened without my gift (thank you Mom) and Chip.  Not only is Chip the best at what he does he’s extremely knowledgeable, a great motivator, dedicated to his profession and clients, kind and fun to train with.  Chip builds his workouts around me and my goals, and because of that has definitely transformed my life!”

Thank you Chip!

Stuart Simon
Simon & Watson Construction

"I’ve known Chip for over 25 years and was on the football staff at Appalachian State when Chip was the head Strength coach at that school. If you want someone that knows how to improve your son or daughters athletic performance plus be a positive influence on their lives then you’ll find no better person."

Carroll McCray: Head Football Coach
Gardner Webb College

"I’ve known Chip since our days at the University of North Carolina where we were on the very first strength & conditioning staff for the “Tarheels” in 1982. Chip and I still stay in touch and talk shop after all these years.  I know that Chip can be a huge part of your success whether it’s for athletic performance or if you want to get in the best shape of your life!"

Jerry Palmieri:  Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
New York Giants; NFL

"I got to know Chip during his days with the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. When we would get together and talk about how to get our athletes quicker and more explosive.  If you want to improve your sons or daughter’s athletic performance then let Chip use his expertise to get the job done!"

Bill Foran: Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Miami Heat; NBA

"I worked with Chip during my 2012 off-season conditioning program. I told Chip that I wanted to work on my “Core Strength” along with my overall lower extremity, focusing on the hips and glutes, and flexibility.  I feel that I got just what I wanted to keep me on pace to have another great season."

Ryan Succop: Former Place Kicker; University of South Carolina
Present; Place Kicker with the Kansas City Chiefs; NFL

"Chip is widely recognized for his knowledge, care and the attention he administers with high school, college, and professional athletes. Chip’s work with team and individual conditioning brings wisdom, care and personalized attention to those he works with. By using the latest procedures and training methods, Chip stays on top of the medical needs and the up-to-date methods of as well as being aware of the latest information related to conditioning.  I have worked with college trainers for over 20 years, NBA strength coaches for 5 different teams and Chip is second to none."

Coach Lee Rose: 
(19 seasons as head college coach, 13 National tournaments, NCAA 7 times, Coached 2 Final Fours, Sporting News National Coach of the Year, Member Olympic Team Selection Committee, Big Ten Coach of the Year, Authored “The Basketball Handbook”, Served on the NBA Coached Executive Committee)

"I first met Chip Sigmon when he was with the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. I had an 80 hour a week job with lots of travel and I was really fighting to find a way to stay strong and fit. I did find it—in Chip. His weekly workouts were incredibly creative and designed to fit my goals. He built traditional strength workouts around core and stability exercises even before “Core” was trendy and from there got me in the best shape of my life. I would recommend Chip to anyone."

Gray Hampton, Bank of America

“Chip’s experience and cutting-edge skills in the areas of Strength, Speed, Agility and Quickness made a big difference for many of our athletes. His training translated directly to their improved performance on the field.” 

Terry W. Robertson
Quarterback Coach and Mentor
Independence High School 91-93 and 03-04
West Charlotte High School 94-02
East Mecklenburg High School 05-08

 "Chip has a powerful, energetic way of expressing ideas, thoughts and vision in a simple easy to understand way. His thought provoking presentation refreshes your spirit and nourishes your mind. Everyone will take something away to improve their quality of life. My staff at East Meck and I sure did..."

Rick Parker; Principle East Mecklenburg High School