This site is all about Fitness and Athletic Performance. I created this site because I was tried of seeing web sites and commercials on TV that were and is designed for a younger age group. As you can see by browsing my home page, this web site is dedicated to the middle-aged man that is 42 years of age and older who is into fitness or bodybuilding or even a little of both. My web site is also dedicated to the middle aged woman who wants to continue to strive to look and feel great at any age. And because of my extensive strength & conditioning background and working with the professional / college and high school athlete, you’ll also find an abundance of information on how to get faster and more explosive no matter what sport you play.

Because of being in the strength / conditioning and fitness field for over 30 years, I know that I can share with you a wealth of information that will help you reach your fitness or athletic goals no matter what they may be.


I’m right in there with you! I turned 56 this past October and trying to balance family, a career and then wanting to find time to stay fit can be a challenge. If you’re like me, each day is nothing but time management. So when you do have an opportunity to workout you want it to be as productive and efficient as possible. Let’s face it, going to the gym and doing the same old repetitive workouts gets boring and coming up with new exercises or routines is another thing that you just don’t have time for.

With the information that I’ll share, I’ll take the guess work out of what you’ll do at the gym day in and day out. It’s the gains and progress you’ll see and others will notice that will make this commitment all the more worthwhile.

Now I know you surf the web looking at different sites so that you can get different ideas about your fitness training and overall health. If you’re like me you sometimes say to yourself, “that sounds great but I’ll have to modify the workout because I just can’t take the chance of getting hurt or my joints are sore so I’d better hold off on that exercise right now”. Let me tell you something, the muscles will last forever if you keep them moving but it’s the joints that will wear-out if you don’t train and warm-up properly. 

My web site is also designed to give you great ideas for injury prevention, joint care and of course great workout ideas. I created this web site because I was tired of seeing workouts that didn’t have proper exercises and movements to (for instance) warm-up the shoulder complex before DB Bench Presses or proper stretching to warm up the quads and hamstrings before leg work. With this web site you’ll get that and more! I’ve got the knowledge, so you can get the results!

So browse my site. Look at the free articles, videos, workout ideas and even the free workouts. Then I’d love to have you as a member. If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area then I’d love to have you as a client. And if you’re not in the surrounding area of Charlotte then I’d love to communicate with you by phone or e-mail to help to obtain the best workouts possible.


With my coaching experience at the Professional, Colligate, and even at the High School level, I know firsthand what it takes to reach and obtain your goals, whatever they might be. To get stronger, faster, and more explosive is and will be very difficult. Don’t let anyone kid you. It requires commitment, sacrifice, and hard work. It will also require performing the right kind of work with the type of program that you are following. 

There are all types of programs out there but I hope you’ll let me not only set up an individual program with your specific needs and goals in mind but also let me motivate you to be the best that you can possibly be!