Why Not P90-X or Insanity???

Yes, P90-X will give you a “beach-body” in 90 days IF you follow the program and the nutritional guidelines. And in 60 days you’ll probably have the same type of results with Insanity…..BUT how about after sixty or 90 days…then what?? 

I’ve seen countless numbers of individuals who ask me about the “Beach-Body” workouts and I’ll give them my best wishes. Some will make the gains and achieve some results and some will not, then after those 60 to 90 days of insanity they’ll have to take some time off. Then once again after weeks and months of rest and they’re back to square one, and they’ll jump on the programs again. 

First of all those workouts weren’t designed for the over 45 man or woman. Can a man or woman over 45 perform the workouts? Why certainly, but not over a long period of time. For a season yes, but not year end and year out of intense training. I’m still waiting to see the man or woman (no matter what age) who’s been on either of these two programs on and off for 2-3 years.

 Secondly, why do they have to take such long breaks after the 60 to 90 days? Mainly because it’s so hard on your body, and as you’ll learn from my web site the joints need recovery just like your muscles do and especially in older adults. 

And last but not least, your immune system is very complex. Too much stress from job related issues to family responsibilities, not to mention the “insanity” of the workout can play havoc with the way you feel. Too much of a good or bad thing can bring you tumbling down.

I’ve got an idea---how about Fitness and workouts for a lifetime! With putting different types of periodization in your workouts one can maintain and improve strength, explosiveness, fitness and athletic performance throughout the year. But it must be a thought-out and planned program that is designed with your goals and needs in mind.