Our Fitness and Wellness Programs at Europa are not just about what exercises to do and how to do them or what foods to eat, how much to eat or even when to eat them. “Wellness” covers areas not just from a physical perceptive but also from a mental and emotional, and even a financial perceptive as well. So I thought that I’d change things up a little this week and write on a topic that each one of us is familiar with ADVERSITY!

I started to feel sorry for myself a little this week. After having shoulder surgery I had a case of the blues until my wife just bluntly told me to get my head out of my rear-end (and she used another word besides rear-end). Feeling sorry for ourselves serves no purpose and only draws attention to ME. Yes, we all feel that way at some point in our lives and feeling that way for a day or two is natural--- but the fact is one simply cannot dwell on the situation at hand. If you do it will and can “eat you alive”! You must learn to rise above!

Adversity can come to us from all angles, in many shapes, sizes and it can and usually does hit us from the blind side from time to time. But it’s how we respond to the adversity that defines us and can also determine how productive we are through the adversity. We also have to realize that adversity is a part of life. If you’re not meeting the challenges of life then you’re simply not living. I like the attitude of what strength and conditioning coach and physical therapist Martin Rooney has to say about adversity. He says that if you look at the most popular books and movies you will learn that there is no great story that first does not begin by fighting against large odds. The bigger the odds, the better the story. 

I once heard that history is nothing more than “difficulty defeated by an eventual triumph of enthusiasm”. Life is going to constantly throw obstacles at us almost daily. The key is to take obstacles head on and don’t stop until you take control or even overcome the situation. The mind-set is all about ATTITUDE! 

Whether it’s an adversity with a family situation, an adversity on the job or even a financial obstacle to overcome, it’s the attitude that you take to the battle. You do have a hoice however; you can go the other direction and wallow in your problems and drag everyone else down with you. Yes, there will always be people to help you along the way and they will understand if the world has you down for a while, but you can be an example to the people around you if they see you rise above! Besides, there will always be people who are fighting even bigger battles than you!

Another thing about adversity is what you can learn from the obstacles that are set in front of you. I believe that everything happens for a reason whether we understand it or not. The problems and adversity that we have had and experienced in our lives can be used to help others along the way. And helping others is what life (and Europa) is all about.

So remember that adversity will always be a part of your life. What you do with it is up to you.

Chip Sigmon CSCS*D
Fitness & Wellness Coordinator 
Europa Sports Products