Tiffany Mitchell's last day training with me

Tiffany Mitchell's last day training with me before she is off to training camp for the Indiana Fever of the WNBA. She has been with me since October of 2017. 2 weeks before the 2017 season ended Tiff injured her knee in practice. It was a Micro-fracture of her Patella. Dr. Glenn Perry did the surgery, Chris Gabriel PT with OrthoCarolina did the rehab. A great team!!  The only weak-link was her strength and conditioning coach. Just tested her today. Body fat basically stayed the same from 13.1 to 12.7 yet her pounds of Muscle went up 9 pounds!
       What is great about Tiffany is that not only is she a great Basketball player (2 time SEC Player of the year for the Gamecocks of USC under Dawn Staley) she is a classy Lady. Her Faith and strong Character is like no other. Never missed a day of rehab or training with me. I have coached many an athlete in my time--from Middle School, High School, College and Professional Sports, but Tiff is one of the best all-round athletes I have ever worked with! Good luck my friend, we will miss you!!

       Watch Tiffany in these Videos below. I do a lot of Contrast Training with my athletes. Watch Tiff!!!!