Change.     No, I’m not talking about the change that’s in your pocket or purse; I’m talking about real Change. Change that can alter your life, set you on a new path, or a new course of direction. Nobody likes that kind of change, especially me! But, like it or not, change will happen; it’s just a part of life.

Me and Rick Parker, my Saturday morning workout partner were discussing and trying to solve the problems of the world this past Saturday in the middle of our 4 sets of squats when the subject of change came up. When change comes its all in how we handle it---and once again with me—not so good. ATTACHED are 3 quotes that may help when dealing with the kind of change that you’re not real sure of, or change that can cause fear or even some anxiety.

            So read above---and just maybe it will help you through times of CHANGE!

            By the way------what is your Favorite??