HOW BIG IS YOUR BUT???????????

No, I’m not talking about your Glutes even though the current trend seems to be building a stronger and shapelier back side. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that as your glutes are the power-house of the hips however I’m talking about your “BUT.” This “But” is the power-house of your ATTITUDE!

            With the start of the “New Year,” everyone will be faced with new challenges and adversities around every corner. The “But” I am pointing out is just how you will respond to those challenges, changes and adversities will that surely come.

            For example, on your job your manager may make demands that seem impossible to get accomplished and are extremely challenging, “but” you say to yourself “I will find a way!” Your financial situation may be in disarray, “but” your attitude is such that you will find a way to make things work and you’ll make the necessary changes to correct the situation without going into debt! Or…you may find yourself a few pounds over-weight after the holidays, “but” you get motivated to begin a consistent healthy nutritional plan and 3 days a week in the gym no matter what! In other words, your attitude begins with your “But.”

            Even in the Bible whenever you see the word “But,” God showed up to change the situation or person allowing for a new direction in their life. And just as the title says, “how big is your but” will make a difference. It must have meaning, purpose and determination.

             Instead of life attacking you, you attack life--- with your big “But”!!